Petstop Gawler | Reptiles
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We stock a large range of reptiles, including snakes (hatchlings to adults) and lizards.


Our range of vivariums and accessories is huge and varied – well worth a browse through the shop. Plus, we’re only 40kms north of the Adelaide CBD. Why not come and have a look?


We have the best range of reptiles in Gawler and offer a wealth of knowledge and support.


We offer you a free reptile information session with our reptile expert.


This will help ensure you are confident in keeping your reptile in a healthy environment, your feeding routine is correct and tank temperatures are accurate, and a whole lot more!


Frozen mice, rats, chicks, mealworms, supeworms,crickets and reptile pellets are always available for your reptile to maintain a healthy diet. Turtle food is also available in frozen packs or pellets.