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Petstop Gawler are now stocking well socialised puppies (mainly the smaller breeds). These puppies are part of our family and are treated as such until sold.

Dry Food

The staff at Petstop Gawler have a great knowledge of pet nutrition and therefore are keen to pass on advice to their customers.They offer a choice of premium or budget dry foods and where possible support Australian made products.

dry food

Pet Meat

Petstop Gawler offer high quality fresh pet meat. Our meat contains no offal and is very lean. It is available fresh every Wednesday and Thursday and from the freezer the rest of the week.

Chicken Mince
Roo Mince
Beef Mince
Beef Diced
Beef Chunks
Chicken and Roo Mix
Chicken and Beef Mix
Chicken and Veg Mix

Cooked Meat Loaf
Roo Bones
Marrow Bones
Turkey Necks
Chicken Necks
Chicken Wings
Chicken Frame